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youCodia is your friendly companion to help you organize your teaching and learning plans
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About youCodia



youCodia was created under the “Project C: Coding for Change” program organized by Youth Global Network in 2016.



We are a group of educators who are passionate about providing better teaching and learning solutions to our peers and students.

Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

We champion the notion of project-based learning reinforced with hands-on practice. Therefore, we design our offering in such a way that empower educators to manage the teaching and learning process with game-changing flexibility and ease.



We’ve partnered with the University of Hong Kong since 2019 to operate the Jockey Club Coding for Community Project at 8 secondary schools (F2-F3). Additionally, over 1,000 students have used our curriculum and software for their ICT program.

What youCodia offers

for Students

Girl sitting in front of a digital heart.

User-friendly learning platform

Programmer learning coding online.

Guided tutorials that foster self-directed learning

What youCodia offers

for Teachers

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Built-in previewer to review AIA files quickly and easily

Woman looking at smart analytics.

Smart classroom workflow for preparing lessons and grading assignments

Sensei meditating on various aspects of life.

Tutorial generator and marketplace that optimize curriculum development

Our Solutions

Curriculum and lesson preparation

Student assessment and after class follow-up

In-class learning

The integration cycle of using youCodia with Microsoft Teams and Google Classrooms

Curriculum and lesson preparation

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom

  • Tutorial generator tool so you can focus on what matters – Teaching

youCodia Integration with MIT AppInventor

In-class learning

  • Pre-designed curriculum with mixable modules

  • Easy to use UI built on top of MIT App inventor 2

  • Step-by-step guided practice

  • Progress monitoring

Bar chart with growth function.

Student assessment and after class follow-up

  • Easy submission of assigned homework

  • Progress monitoring

  • Autograding of predefined assignments

Our Features

Preview and give feedback

Say goodbye to the tedious process of downloading and installing AIA files.
Review, compare, grade, and comment on homework with just a few clicks. Cycle through and return your entire class’ submissions without ever needing to leave the page.
Preview and grade .aia homework with the answer side-by-side within one interface.
Built-in step-by-step tutorial for learning app-building with youCodia.

Learn and practice

Build your students’ confidence and momentum with tutorials you can monitor, evaluate, and give feedback to in real time.
Create rich teaching content - with images, videos, and as many steps as you need - in a matter of seconds with our tutorial generator.

Give Targeted Feedback

Give your students feedback on specific issues in their homework and learning progress and invite them to give feedback on your teaching too, all inside the classroom interface.
Give feedback on students' homework at a component-level.

What people are saying

"A good learning tools which can attract students more."

Mr. Chan Ka Lun

Mr. Chan Ka Lun

ICT and Math Teacher at Carmel Pak U Secondary School

"The UI makes it easier for students to learning programming"

Mr. Li Kwong Tak

Mr. Li Kwong Tak

Panel head, Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College

"This is the greatest software I’ve ever laid my eyes on"

Jonathan Lynn

Jonathan Lynn

Co-founder of Tsunadon

Used By

Youth Global Network

Funded By

Innovation and Technology Commission


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Contact Information

WhatsApp: 9047-0395

Mobile: 3598-3680